We’ve been racking our brains for visual signifiers that we can use for the website, Twitter, and so on. First, we had monuments and books:



Then we tried landscape: IMG_3495

But neither of them sat quite right for what we’re trying to do. We’re serious about querying British identities – but we’re a nice bunch, and we want to be approachable. We’re based in Scotland – but we aim to reach people world-wide. We’re interested in the past – but we don’t want to exclude the present. We live through books – but we don’t want to be static. So today we thought of a playful way of questioning British identities: through Playmobil’s Pirates range. Conveniently the pirates come with Redcoats – ordinary soldiers and decorated officers. And, of course, there is a Braveheart-style Highlander, too. In fact, there is a roaring trade on Ebay in customised Scottish figurines. So, without further ado, here is our new visual strategy: DSC_0566







We look forward to playing some more with our little Brits – we’re planning trips to the great outdoors and more urban settings, and they’ll make excellent wee emblems to take with us on field trips, to connect a dispersed community of researchers. And this is where you come in! We’re keen to hear from folks who’d like to play host to one of our wee fellows – show them around, much like a Flat Stanley. Get in touch if you’d like to be involved!

Dr Kristin Lindfield-Ott, University of the Highlands and Islands