Borders, Boundaries and Brexit: Perspectives on British Identities in an Uncertain World

Following the successful publication of our debut issue in 2017, the Journal of British Identities seeks submissions for Issue 2, to be published in Autumn 2018.

JBI is a peer-reviewed, open access, interdisciplinary journal based here at the University of the Highlands and Islands’ Hub for the Study of British Identities. JBI draws together academics and the public, providing a forum for research on representations of British identities and the study of identities within the British Isles, the ‘Atlantic archipelago’, and the broader British world.

Issue 2 of JBI welcomes submissions on the theme ‘Borders, Boundaries and Brexit: Perspectives on British Identities in an Uncertain World’. Topics on this theme could include:

  • The changing nature of Britain’s relationship with Europe
  • Unions with Europe and within the UK
  • Perceptions of British identities at home and abroad
  • British-Irish relations
  • The Irish Border
  • Migration and boundary crossing
  • ‘Empire 2.0’
  • Legacies of Empire in British identities
  • Creative identities: how music, art and literature respond to Brexit
  • Brexit across the Atlantic archipelago: alignments and divergences that reveal, transgress or dissolve boundaries

JBI aims to encourage public conversations about Britishness and we welcome contributions from researchers of all backgrounds, including submissions from the public outwith academia, and from early career academics and students.

The journal consists of traditional academic articles, opinion pieces, reviews, interviews, ‘Notes and Queries’, photographic and video essays and other critical and creative responses to British identities. Scholarly articles should be 6,000-8,000 words in length; for all other items — reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, videos — please submit an abstract of c. 250 words.

Submit online:

Enquiries to the editor:

Deadline: 31st May 2018