Our little Playmobil soldiers are on tour! Ravelry, knitting forum extraordinaire, responded to our call for volunteers, and we now have over 30 knitters (who also happen to be academics) signed up to host one of our wee chaps, show them around, and ruminate about British identities. Three little redcoats are travelling, and you can check their progress on twitter @RavBritOnTour and Instagram @RavBritOnTour. The Instagram account is run collaboratively between all participants.

We’re also sending little chaps to non-Ravellers. Different Regiment, same purpose: to stimulate debate about British Identities

We’ll update this page when the Wee Brits check in. You can see more about their journeys here.

Would you like to host a Wee Brit? Get in touch!

Sergeant Rav: (currently on the shores of Lake Huron – picture below from his last stop, in Hawai’i)

Captain Cook Monument

Private Rav: (currently in Oxford)


General Rav: (currently in Boston)


Private Lit and Sergeant Lit are currently in Liverpool and Shetland, respectively.


General Brit is in Birmingham (the UK one).


And a whole host of Wee Brits are travelling with us, including VintageBrit (from 1974), who was in Dublin the other week: